Starting Your Own Blog

The first time I ever tried to write a blog was not an enjoyable experience for me. From not knowing what to write about to trying to figure out how to upload the pictures and videos to my website, it was an overall disaster. Thankfully, there are many tools online to help me out and plenty of other Internet Marketers and MLM’ers that I was able to, eh – not steal, but mimic their process.

Figuring It Out

I stumbled across a lot of big names making a ton of money and realized, if they are killing it so hard, then everyone is going to try to copy their process. To me that equals a giant saturated market and does not really give me an opportunity to make any money (well, not any serious money, at least). I wanted to see what they were doing, what they were not doing, and what others were doing to create my own recipe of awesome in the world of Internet Marketing.

stand out from the crowd

How to make myself, or rather my blog, stand out became the biggest issue. I am not some gorgeous model like human to attract people solely on my looks. I do not have a lot of wealth or anything fancy to show off to get their attention. I do not have an ego about myself nor the work that I do – though I am REALLY great at it. I also do not have any online or social media following other than people I ACTUALLY know.

What Next?

So what to do? Where to go? What direction should this blog take and how do I turn it into an online atomic bomb that crushes everything in my way (competition)? The first thing I did was research some heavy keywords. If I want to know what people are doing online, I should look at what they are Googling and Yahooing. It definitely helps that Google and Yahoo provide you with these items for free. Then again, I am relying on someone else’s data to perpetuate my own idea… not something I like to do nor something that I do not like having control over.

With that, I started just opening up a dialogue with those around me, in my social circles, and at my workplace. I started having little conversations that seemed innocent but, to me, was all data research on my potential customers. I started getting into much deeper and more philosophical reasons for our existence and what it means to have such easy access to the Internet. This world of knowledge at our finger tips and everyone is utilizing it with cat videos and ice bucket challenges… I found my target audience: those that are using the Internet to escape their every day life and find a way to laugh or stay happy.

Where It All Begins

This is where it all begins. No longer was I questioning what to do or how to do it. I researched it, I found it, and I am moving on it as hard as I can. I am here to crush this Internet Marketing thing… you can do it, too. Just put in the hustle and sweat to make it happen. Get out of your comfort zone.

Watch this interview style video to get a few great tips:

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