What Is MLM?

The number one question that is constantly asked: What the hell is MLM and Internet Marketing and why should I be paying attention to it?

Simple, it is where individuals have found a way to make money online in some form or fashion. Either through affiliate marketing (we get into that more in depth later), selling digital or physical products online, or any other way possible to generate a community of bloggers to gain the attention of others through blog posts and mailing list subscriptions. Many, now, millionaires created an online following with their blogs and came up with creative ways to monetize it.

Social Network MarketingSome individuals have taken their personalities (because they are so contagiously amazing or make you want to watch) and have clustered their website with Ads and Pay Per Click items that generate them (small but steady) income. You may not realize it but when you click an Ad on something like Facebook or a site that had a story you were interested in, chances are, the website owner(s) were paid a few cents for you clicking that link.

Let us explain it this way. So you have a business (even if you do not, you can imagine it) and you want to hire a sales guy. You sell TVs, let us say. You hire this sales guy and tell him, “Hey guy, you only get paid if you sell a TV set, other than that we will not be paying you. It is a 100% commission sales job.” Though he may or may not sell any TVs doesn’t matter, that is his prerogative. But if he does sell one, that is a giant win for you and you reward that TV sale with a commission for the salesman. This is basically how Internet Marketing works. There is no guarantee at a sale, but if you do, you will be compensated.

Another thing is with MLM or Multi Level Marketing…

This is more geared towards getting others to sign up for your service or product through the art of blogging, video creation, online syndication and many other methods. The purpose here is to generate a community under yourself where they also continue to sign up others thus growing the empire. There are so many ways to make money from MLM gigs that it would take us forever to explain them all to you. But, that is also the brilliance of MLM and Internet marketing – you can try anything and it may work.

We have seen some, in our eyes, really dumb ideas that flourished into millions of dollars for the web owner. It is just one of those things like the pet rock; it may sound dumb but who is the one laughing with their six figure bank account and home on an island? Exactly..

With that said, MLM and Internet Marketing, on the most basic of levels, are just ways for an individual or group of people to make money online through a website or an online entity.